About Our Hair Replacement Systems

We use premium quality products to ensure there are no harsh side effects.

Our unique hair loss systems Milton Keynes are individually handcrafted and designed to fit you. They are the most natural non-surgical solution for a full head of hair. They can be cut, styled, coloured/highlighted to your preference.

Being cost effective with amazing results, we blend to create a seamless flow between the system and your own hair.

Our hair replacement solutions for men in Milton Keynes are made up of either a breathable medical grade mesh (Lace) allowing air to get to the scalp which is breathable and more natural. Or a Poly will provide you far more durability and can handle a much heavier density (more/thicker hair). The skin system being micro thin from just 0.02mm to 0.04mm, giving you a natural realistic hairline. So natural you don’t even realise it’s on your head, the artificial skin feels so natural that even a touch to the scalp can feel sensitive.

Our hair loss systems Milton Keynes allow you to do any activity you like. It’s undetectable, easy to care for and measures up to your lifestyle 24 hours a day.
Our men’s replacement systems cover the 3 main areas of recession, the front, main hairline, the scalp and the crown. Made using the highest quality human hair the systems can be styled coloured and highlighted, allowing you the versatility to wear your hair any way you wish, from having a long wavy movement, swept back or even a big quiff, It’s entirely up to you! Specialist blending techniques are used to create a seamless flow from hair system to your natural hair.

If you’re worried about going from no hair to a full head of hair, don’t worry. Our systems can be made to suit however you like, from little or lots of grey, poker straight or tight curls, or even fine to thick. Each visit we can gradually create a structured system so it would be as natural and unnoticeable as possible

Visit us for a free consultation where we discuss, customise and order your bespoke system. With compassionate customer service, we make your visit to the salon as sensitive as possible you and will honour any discretion you require. We recommend to our clients to have maintenance every 4-6 weeks. This will keep your hair replacement system in good condition, and will include a hair cut for just £50.

  • Gym in it
  • Swim in it
  • Shower in it
  • Sleep in it

Introductory offer, limited time only. From* £485.

Free consultation (45 minutes).

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